Our journey begins at 1900 meters

This road begins in a small village called Timana, in the Huila Department. There, in the highest points of the Cordillera de Los Andes, our farm rices. Thanks to its climate, altitude and human capital, Finca Los Andes produces one of the best coffees in the region. Join us. 

Finca Los Andes

What makes our coffee special

Producing high quality coffee is all about hard work and commitment, from sowing to drying. Discover the process that makes our coffee uniquely special. 

Our Process
Selección de cerezas de café especial

Castillo Honey$20,500$30,000

Panela, honey and sugar cane. Very sweet, medium acidity.

Café Especial Tabi Lavado

Tabi, Washed$20,500$30,000

Green fruits, blackberry and sugar cane. Medium acidity.

Café Especial Caturra Natural

Caturra Natural$20,500$30,000

Dark chocolate, sugar cane and berries. 

Café Especial Castillo Lavado

Castillo, Washed$20,500$30,000

Sugar cane, blackberry and tangerine. Medium-high acidity. 

Our coffee roasted around the globe.

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