Selective Picking

Our process begins in the tree, where trusted workers pick a minimum of 90% mature cherries.


In floating, all coffee cherries are submerged in water. Over mature cherries will float to the surface and then discarded.

Hand selection

By caring and patient hands, we finally select only the best of cherries. All of this selection process will guarantee a clean and flawless cup.


We control our fermentation processes by measuring temperature and pH. This will highlight fruit notes and the acidity of our coffee.


The traditional process in coffee. At Finca Los Andes, we wash our coffees after the fermentation period ends.


Coffee is dried with the mucilage attached. For Finca Los Andes, this process creates an explosion of sweetness with panela and sugar cane notes.


In the natural process, coffee is dried with the cherry still attached. It highlights our fruit notes and adds a spark of dark chocolate.


Coffee is dried with natural sunlight in covered dryers. We monitor temperature and humidity within the drier.

Coffee Moisture Content

Medimos We constantly measure the moisture content in our coffee. When it reaches the optimal level (9%-11%) it's time to remove it from the dryer.

Green coffee offerings 2020

Oferta café especial Finca Los Andes

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