Café Especial Tabi Lavado

Tabi, Washed


Green fruits, blackberry and sugar cane. Medium acidity.


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The Process

After being picked and selected, coffee goes through two periods of fermentation: dry in cherry for 24 hours and dry in mucilage for 72 hours at 20ºC. Afterwards, coffee is washed and dried. This process gives our coffee a sparkling acidity, highlights its fruity flavors and adds our characteristic sugar cane note.

Tabi Variety

Tabi variety has it all. It gives high production, it's resistant to coffee leaf rust and other diseases and it gives an amazing cup profile. Tabi fruits are full with sugars that you can taste in the final beverage. Finca Los Andes’ Tabi has grown a name of its own and one of the best in the region.


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